Grenzgänger Folge 6: Creating Breakthrough Messages to Build Your Brand and Reputation

Florian Weisker
Lesedauer: 4 Minuten

Within the modern media landscape, it can be difficult to get your messages out to the world. Classic media will only cover your story if it suits their needs and their reader’s interests. As a result, getting your messages out can be challenging. To succeed, you need a strategy to increase your visibility. Given the fact that getting into classic media alone can be tricky, you should therefore consider orchestrating a variety of channels for your content.

By using a combination of paid, earned, social and owned media, you will be able to reach several different audiences at once. In addition to that, owned and social media give you the ability to get your messages out without the need to spend money on them or to satisfy a journalistic gatekeeper. Being present at different kinds of media helps your brand to be recognized and to build up a reputation. To reach your goals, considering carefully what message exactly you want to transport is of major importance. What is the core of your brand? What do people need to know about your company? And what do you need to communicate to persuade consumers or a B2B audience of your advantages compared to your competitors?Design your own strategy:

  • Start with your brand. Everything starts and ends with your brand, which you must constantly care and feed. Are you relentlessly committed to walking the walk?
  • Focus on your audience’s needs and interests first. Who are they? What do they care about? (Have you asked them?) Where do they get their information? Who are their trusted sources?
  • Highlight key messages. Be succinct, captivating, emotional and engaging. Illustrate with compelling stories.
  • Use a mix of paid, earned, shared and owned media. A recipe of communication tools is crucial for your message to break through the clutter and create interest:

By building up your communication strategy on your audience’s needs and your brand’s strengths, you invest into your brand’s reputation and image and therefore – in the long run – its success.

Lee Weinstein ist president unserer Partneragentur Weinstein PR in Portland, Oregon. Die Agentur ist spezialisiert auf PR in den Bereichen Consumer und food/beverage und bietet Dienstleistungen für Social Media, Public Affairs, Grafikdesign, Webentwicklung und interne Kommunikation. Weinstein PR ist Mitglied im internationalen Agenturnetzwerk PRBI.

Dieser Beitrag ist der sechste und letzte Teil unserer internationalen Gastbeitragsserie Grenzgänger, in der Autoren aus unserem Netzwerk Einblicke in die Besonderheiten der PR in anderen Ländern geben.

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