Employer Branding



  • A global player wasn’t being perceived as an employer brand.
  • War for talents and demographic change.
  • Phase of extensive restructuring with reduced university marketing.
  • Target group-specific HR marketing should be increased.
  • Communications with relevant university departments, even in times of low recruitment, should be maintained.
  • The aim is to build a news flow and communicate good news into the opinion market.


  • Comprehensive benchmarking to analyse the situation.
  • Development of a consistent communication strategy, optimisation of messages.
  • Relaunch of the career website (content/language).
  • Development of a target group-specific editorial plan, revision of texts and creation of new texts.


  • Sharper profile in the target groups.
  • Informed reporting in university publications and media.
  • Revised website considered to be a top career website in professional circles.


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