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Public affairs is all about communicating to markets, to the political community and to members of the public. Targeted messages need to be communicated to each of these audiences and companies’ own interests must be proactively represented to influence social processes and regulatory frameworks. Direct and authentic communications with the right target groups are therefore essential.


vom Hoff applies the entire spectrum of public affairs tools in client projects. We optimise existing communications concepts and develop new channels, ranging from local communications to dialogue with decision makers in Berlin and Brussels.


Our services:

  • Political analysis
    Based on our decades of experience, we perform comprehensive analyses of specific political issues. This process extends from research to stakeholder mapping and the assessment of legislative procedures, creating the basis for strategic decisions.
  • Political PR
    We support our clients in identifying the right dialogue partners and suitable dialogue tools for communicating messages, network building or political events. We develop campaigns and organise supporting media relations activities to ensure that your arguments are heard by the right people at the right time.
  • Location PR
    We develop targeted location PR activities for acceptance measurement, stakeholder dialogue or crisis communications, and support clients during their implementation in order to generate acceptance among local residents.
  • Lobbying
    vom Hoff helps clients to make their voice heard in the political environment and in specific legislative procedures through position papers, by contacting relevant politicians or setting up strategic alliances.

How could issues with political implications be analysed? What are the rules of political PR? And which criteria are used to measure the success of public affairs activities? To answer these questions, we’ve created a useful public affairs checklist.

  • Request the free Public Affairs Checklist by e-mail.
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