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Crises are emergency situations, and crisis communications are challenging. Crises are unique and dynamic, they can only be managed to a limited extent and they are always associated with pressure of time and extensive media coverage. Unintentional and unplanned events can pose a significant threat to an organisation, its management, its brand and its reputation. Standard communications tools are not effective in a crisis situation. Ill-considered or late communications are out of place in a crisis, as are standard excuses and trivialisation. Lost credibility takes years to restore.


Crisis communications concepts have to be developed on the basis of expertise and experience. vom Hoff has more than 45 years of experience in this field. We make a prompt assessment of the action requirements, develop communications strategies, provide crisis scenario training and advise on key communications decisions. We integrate the crisis into your communications strategy and help you to keep calm!


Our services:

  • Crisis communication advice
    We advise clients on all aspects of communications for crisis prevention, anticipation or management, from monitoring to crisis communications concept planning and escalation management. This provides you with a professional crisis management concept and effective back-up structures.
  • Ad-hoc crisis services
    We provide fast and flexible support, based on more than 45 years of experience in crisis communications, with task forces, guidelines and 24/7 advice. In collaboration with our clients, we ensure that they remain communication-enabled and credible during crisis periods.
  • Crisis manuals
    We develop client-specific crisis manuals which set out the roles and responsibilities of the crisis team members and include checklists and wording rules. They allow the client to prepare for crisis responsibilities and to communicate professionally, in a targeted way and with one voice when a crisis occurs.
  • Crisis communications coaching
    Professional training helps people to more effectively manage and influence the perception and interpretation of critical developments. vom Hoff provides training on how to deal with the media and employees as well as negative public sentiment.
  • Standby Crisis-Communication
    Organisations dealing with critical infrastructure or substances have to ensure a permanent communicational availability in times of crisis. vom Hoff offers you a 24/7 standby crisis communication after the analysis of your specific needs.

What must the communications team do in a crisis? And what are the golden rules of crisis communications? To answer these questions, we’ve created a useful crisis communications checklist.


  • Request the free Crisis Communications Checklist by e-mail.
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