Realignment, restructuring, M&A and business model adaptations all involve change processes that are initiated to achieve objectives related to efficiency, culture or identity. Especially gripping: Digital transformation and modern forms of work more and more call for corporate communications to reinvent itself a bit. Always involved are the employees.


Every change holds individual structures, chances, but also risks. On the organizational level, it needs to be implemented as smoothly as possible while at the same time being moderated adequately. Every change initially raises questions, so a clear change strategy and effective change management and support are essential. It is also important to explain the change to employees and talk to them on an equal footing. This helps them to understand the change and – more importantly – encourages them to give it their support. Empathetic communications that bridge the gap between company interests and workforce expectations are therefore a must in any successful change process.


vom Hoff plans and implements internal and external communications that accompany and support change processes. Furthermore, we review your needs of action and find tailor-made solutions for future-ready processes – for your company in general as well as for your corporate communications. Together we establish effective structures and convince your employees, customers, stakeholders and public of the benefit of the shift. In addition to that, we revitalize your own strengths and forces.


Our services

  • Organization of Communication sections
    vom Hoff supports you in reorganizing your corporate communications, reviews what can be optimized within your processes and structures and helps you establish new ways of working. Thus, the change will succeed – without outpacing your employees.
  • Change communications
    vom Hoff delivers effective change communications for all stakeholders ranging from the communications concept and messages to the specific communications activities. We offer credible explanations of why the changes are necessary in order to avert concerns and unnecessary speculation.
  • Management communications
    vom Hoff specifically and individually tailors a substantial part of any change communications campaign to the client company’s management, involving storylines, coaching, town hall meetings, lunch with the boss events or web-based activities. As a result, the board and senior management are able to more effectively implement the change in their everyday work environments.
  • Follow-up communications and repositioning
    vom Hoff develops practical follow-up communications for employee participation, positioning strategies or the alignment of communications to new business models or markets. This helps to overcome employee and stakeholder concerns about ‘heading into the unknown’, and supports the exploitation of new opportunities.


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